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An ancient town mostly inhabited by fishermen that over time has seen an ever-increasing tourism, but which has retained its ancient charm. The houses in the historic center are all on a promontory overlooking the sea, and still present themselves today in all their elegant simplicity; the white fishermen's houses are all attached to each other and are divided only by the narrow alleys that branch off and lead to breathtaking panoramic points.
  the town of Diamante, defined as “the pearl of the Tyrrhenian”, is located along one of the most characteristic stretches of the Cosenza coast., in the enchanting Riviera dei Cedri.

Impossible not to be speechless admiring the alleys of the historic center of Diamante. Narrow streets  they branch out between the recently built buildings and the old houses worn by years of salt and with all the characteristics of the "sea houses".
  In the historic center, the old houses have elegantly worn the delicate colors of spectacular murals .
Just look around the upper part of the buildings to see real works of art. Each alley tells a story and in each mural on the same street a piece of that story is told. Given the many alleys and the countless murals painted in them, a whole day is not enough to admire everything.

Cirella Island is visible from every panoramic terrace in the town as well as from the beaches that line the seafront. The island is covered by a luxuriant Mediterranean scrub, which in spring is colored with all its blooms. On the top there are the ruins of a coastal tower , the tower of the Island of Cirella used for sighting against pirate raids.
  The whole perimeter of the island is characterized by caves, small inlets and submerged cliffs that make the happiness of tourists who love diving in the sea. The seabed around the island still conceals archaeological finds from the Greek-Roman era.

Valtur Il Cormorano Resort & SPA

We are a few km from Diamante (8km), the Village Hotel Resort is ideal for those who want a family holiday with all-inclusive with full board.  Excursions are organized to visit the town of Dimante  easily accessible by train or organized transfer.

How to reach Diamante from the Resort  

By car, along the SS 18 for about 8 km

By train from the railway station of Grisolia to that of Diamante

We also organize transfers from / to our Resort, for information and reservations please contact the reception

  • Diamond:  Its name already symbolizes its characteristic of a landscape that seems set between seas and mountains. Above all for these territorial characteristics, for the marvelous coast with its white beaches, the number of tourists who choose it as their holiday destination grow more and more every year. It is the center of the Riviera dei Cedri, it is the city of murals and chilli peppers. For those looking for a hotel in Diamante, our Resort could be an excellent reference point for meetings or conferences, the minimum distance to Diamante and the services of a 4-star hotel could be excellent elements for the success of an event.  

  • Cirella Island:  It has become a marine park, where many tourists choose to spend days hiking or dedicating themselves to fishing and diving, given the rich depths of the area. The Island of Cirella  it is visible from all the panoramic terraces of the town. The island is not the only one in the area, there is the island of Dino the largest in Calabria which resides in the municipality of Praia a Mare, about 15km from Diamante.  

  • Historic center: Characterized by white houses all attached to each other on the promontory overlooking the sea, you are amazed and with your eyes upwards to admire the over 200 works of art that have been painted over the years on the walls of the houses, which tell the history, uses and customs of Diamante, and which have made it enter the circuit of painted cities, even taking it to the first place for the number of works.

  • Chilli Pepper Festival:  An important and famous event that takes place every year is the Peperoncino festival, usually in mid-September, where it is exalted in all its aspects, culinary, artistic, medical, and the more traditional ones that see it as an aphrodisiac or 'against the evil eye' . Days of celebration with various cinema, satire, music, folklore and gastronomy events.  For the event the Resort  offers rooms in All Inclusive treatment

  • To visit >>  The beaches, the Lungomare, Antica Cirella, the Theater of the Ruins , the Roman Mausoleum, the Convent of the Minims, the Church of the Immaculate Conception, La Valva Park, the Island of Cirella, Cultivation of Cedars .

More than 200 Spectacular Murals 

Photos taken from Flickr profile: CATEPOL  rights reserved:  Caterina Policaro

Chilli Pepper Festival 

Peperoncino Festival is an event dedicated to hot peppers  of Calabria, its multi-forms, its delicacies, its millenary traditions. Starting point the King  of the Mediterranean diet, undisputed protagonist of Calabrian gastronomy.

The event Il peperoncino Festival takes place the second week of September every year in the small town of Diamante  typical for its murals.  5 days of conferences, exhibitions, cinema, satire, shows and street artists.

The town is besieged by tourists looking for hotels or villages that can accommodate those interested in the event. The Cormorano Resort is one of the few resorts in Calabria near Diamante, suitable for both holiday stays and events, conferences and meetings.

Over 200,000 visitors curious to appreciate the spicy specialties and the best of the Calabrian gastronomic offer in the stands.

Folk groups, coming from different points of Calabria, parade through the streets together with street artists. Thus the Neapolitan "Pullicinella" joins the "Giants of Monte Poro, Marta and Grifone" while the players become masters of the evening  with tarantella and pizzica. Not just music though. Small southern companies exhibit on the stages and in the squares.

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