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Isola di Dino




The island of Dino is located in front of the city of Praia a Mare ed  is a jewel of the Tyrrhenian Sea along the Riviera dei Cedri, one  rock mountain that emerges from the sea up to 100 meters high and which hides suggestive caves and an exciting path .  The name of the island derives from the Greek past of these lands. In fact, Dino comes from the Greek word 'dina', which means storm. Precisely to describe the majesty of the tides and the strength of the waves on the rocks, the island can be reached by boat that from Praia a Marea docks on a small pier directly on the island, the only possible point for a safe docking, since the the entire coast is of cliffs overlooking the sea.

On the Island of Dino you can explore and admire the 50 hectares of vegetation and cliffs that compose it. Accompanied by the guides, you explore the island, arriving at the tower at the extreme tip to the west to discover the stele dedicated to the Madonna della Grotta on the highest point of the island, where there is a lovely viewpoint. Not to be missed are the numerous sea caves that open up between the rocks to be visited on boat trips. Among these the most famous are the Blue Grotto , due to the intense blue color of the water inside,  the Grotte delle Cascate and the Grotta del Leone.

Under the western tip of the island of Dino called the Frontone, there is the submerged cave called " Grotta Gargiulo ", the most famous underwater destination.  and important of the entire stretch of the Calabrian coast, the most beautiful and spectacular, but which is recommended only for very experienced divers.
In the depths of the island of Dino, a forest of Paramuricee has been found, which also hosts a remarkable variety of life, very rare, with an unusual color that changes from red to yellow. The colonies of Gorgonians reach up to over one meter in height

Isola di Dino is located in Praia a Mare and is easily reachable from the Cormorano Resort


By car, along the SS 18 for about 18 km

By train, in about 30 minutes from Grisolia station to Praia a Mare station

We also organize transfers from / to our Resort, for information and reservations please contact the reception

It is possible to find info and curiosities about Dino Island at the following link 

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