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Tropea is located on a cliff overlooking the sea between the Gulfs of Gioia and S. Eufemia, and is the flagship of the entire Calabrian coast, with its long white beaches of fine sand, rocks and cuisine with typical products. 
The many beaches are each different from the other for some characteristics, the quiet beach of Cannone, that of Palombaro which can only be reached by swimming along the islet, the Rotonda beach with a wonderful view right in front of the Stromboli, the 'A linguata, the beach of the Convent preferred by those who dive for its seabed, and of Marina dell'Isola which is the most popular. 


In addition to relaxing by the sea, in Tropea you can admire the historic center , with its noble palaces of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the Piazza Ercole with the statue of Pasquale Galluppi, once the residence of the nobles. From Largo Vittorio Emanuele it is possible to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of this land, from where you can see the Church of Santa Maria dell'Isola , built in the Gothic era on an islet. It can be reached via a ladder that has been carved out of the rock itself, and is surrounded by a garden with a very suggestive view of the entire coast, the sea and the Aeolian Islands . And then again admire the views from the many views of the coast, including that of the Cannon.


Also suggestive are the walks through the alleys , from which you have access to the many workshops of wood, iron, fabric and terracotta artisans. But also small shops selling local products, fresh pasta, cold cuts, cheeses, bergamot liqueur and the inevitable Spilinga nduja and Tropea red onion , with their derivatives, jams, sauces, sauces, even desserts. In the many restaurants and clubs in the historic center of the town you can taste the delicious fish cuisine, the many typical products and also the meat-based cuisine with the typical 'fileja' pasta.


Valtur Il Cormorano Resort & SPA

We are a few km from Tropea (164km), the Resort Village is ideal for those who want a family holiday with all-inclusive with full board.  Excursions are organized to visit the town of Tropea and easily accessible by train with the coast of the gods route   Grisolia - Tropea  

We organize free transfers from the Resort to the Grisolia FS season, once you reach Tropea the FS station is at the gates of the town of Vibonese.  


Interesting for those who want to spend a day visiting the Costa degli Dei  that goes from  Pizzo Calabro in Nicotera. the use of TROPEA EXPRESS  an internal line, up to 24 connections per day  

How to reach Tropea from the Resort  

By car, along the SS 18 for about 164 km

By train from Grisolia station to Tropea station  

We also organize transfers from / to our Resort, for information and reservations please contact the reception

To visit in Tropea

Rotonda beach  Tropea 

One of the most suggestive places  between the sanctuary of Santa Maria dell'Isola and the facade of Tropea.  The beach is visible from the main balcony.  A little small but with a clean sea with crystal clear water. Just roll out the drying to carve out a small space between the crowded  Tropea beach alche only for a few minutes.  A bath  it is a must. For the more tenacious it is possible to dive and reach inaccessible caves.  

Tropea beach on Tripadvisor

The most suggestive beaches of Tropea

When it comes to beaches in Tropea you will be spoiled for choice; Free or equipped, wild or crowded, they are more beautiful than the other.

In addition to the most famous, that of the Marina dell'Isola, there are other beaches including the Cannone beach, less crowded than the others, but very fascinating as it is hidden between the tourist port of Tropea and the rock of San Lorenzo.

The beach "'A Linguata", one of the largest in Tropea, characterized by white sand that frames the crystalline sea. Especially loved by the youngest as there is a beach volleyball court, a lido and the possibility of renting canoes and pedal boats. .

The paradise for divers is the Convent beach, with a unique landscape with crystal clear bottoms, not suitable for children  because of the depth but ideal for snorkelers.

Among the most romantic beaches of Tropea there is the Grotta del Palombaro, a strip of beach immersed in a cave,
  reachable only by skirting the island with a swim or by pedal boat.

Tropea tourist port 

It is the flagship of the southern marinas, an ideal place even just for a walk. It houses a pizzeria, restaurant, shops and wellness services.It stands at the foot of the beautiful Tropea fortress and has 600 berths including megayachts, guaranteeing a breathtaking spectacle on the sea.

Located at the tip of the south pier of the Port of Tropea, the amphitheater; a suggestive place with the relaxing crashing of the waves in the background and the boats entering and leaving the port creating a unique and unforgettable show!

* Foto tratta dal sito ufficiale del porto di Tropea

Diocesan Museum of Tropea 

The museum, in the heart of the historic center of Tropea, collects many works from churches of the same town, now closed, but in particular from the old Baroque Cathedral.

Rich in paintings, wooden sculptures and remains of the Middle Ages, it welcomes its visitors with 5 marble statues including those of St. Peter and Paul. Also worth visiting is the small archaeological section with finds from Tropea and neighboring areas.

An important step to complete the discovery of the town in its history which starts from the Middle Ages up to the 19th century.

* Foto tratta dal sito ufficiale del museo diocesano di Tropea

L'Affaccio - Balconata

Undoubtedly one of the places to visit when reaching Tropea is the view, characterized by its imposing balcony overlooking the sea. Panoramic point where you can admire the splendid beach below and the enchanting Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell'Isola di Tropea.

every hour of the day makes the view spectacular: during the day you can perceive the beauty of the sea with colors ranging from emerald green to intense blue; in the evening the lights and reflections of the island make the place unique and fascinating

* Foto tratta da Travel blog Calabria - South Italy

The Belvedere - Piazza Cannone

The belvedere is one of the most spectacular viewpoints, located a few meters from the city center, it is a must for all those who visit Tropea.

From here you have a view of the beautiful coast with the Stromboli and the Aeolian Islands in the background, with the church of Santa Maria dell'Isola which is so close that it seems to touch it! Also important is the presence of a war relic, a cannon dating back to around 1600, which faces the sea  master in the square.

* Foto tratta da IlViboneseIt

The Cathedral of Tropea

One of the works to see in the city is certainly the Cathedral of Maria Santissima of Romania or Tropea Cathedral.

From the Norman architectural style, it houses among the various works the icon of the patron saint of the city, precisely the Virgin of Romania, a masterpiece dating back to around 1230 by the hand of a pupil of Giotto. 

A particular look should also be given to the "black crucifix" dating back to around 1600; so called because of the dark wood with which it was made.

The Church of the Gesù

In Largo Municipio do not miss the Church of the Gesù, built by the Jesuits in the place of the ancient Byzantine cathedral.

Of considerable importance is the high altar created in polychrome marble, where there is a work by De Matteis, the canvas of the Circumcision of Jesus.


Among the other works present the canvas representing the Nativity of the famous Tropean painter Grimaldi.

All Inclusive holiday a few km from Tropea

Valtur The Cormorano Resort & Spa is located a few km from Tropea, ideal for unforgettable all-inclusive holidays. Comfortable rooms , three swimming pools, one for children, SPA , gym, playgrounds, entertainment by the Valturland Team, beach, theater, two restaurants, four bars , children's play area, shopping, train, lido ... not to do missing anything.

And many extreme sports and places to discover, just a few steps from the Resort.

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