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Terme Luigiane




Already  at the time of Pliny the Elder the beneficial properties of the Luigiane Baths were recognized, named in honor of Prince Luigi Carlo di Borbone who allowed research on the properties of water. In an area rich in greenery, plants and balsamic aromas, they offer five springs, the richest in Europe for their sulfur content .
They are located between two small neighboring municipalities in the province of Cosenza, Acquappesa and Guardia Piemontese, and consist of two plants, the Thermae Novae plant and the San Francesco plant, as well as the wellness center and the Grand Hotel.

The symbol of the thermal baths is Il Dito del Diavolo , a cliff from which the thermal springs arise, 300 meters above sea level. No less well known is the Scoglio della Regina , similar to a stack, famous for the legend according to which Queen Isabella of France became fertile after immersing herself in the waters of the thermal baths.
They flow from two cold springs , the Cold Gallery and the Ferrata, with a temperature from 156 to 20 degrees, and from three hot springs , the Caronte, the Minosse and the Calda Gallery, with temperatures from 42 to 47 degrees. the sulfur mixes with white algae and muddy deposits, thus creating thermovegetal muds , therapeutic but also used in cosmetics and iontophoresis.

The waters of the thermal baths are particularly used in the treatment of gynecological and skin diseases, as well as for the treatments of respiratory and otolaryngological diseases,  rheumatological and arthrosis.
Terme Luigiane are recommended for the prevention and treatment of respiratory tract diseases especially in children , thanks to the presence of a special department created for children.
But there are also many tourists who visit the thermal baths who simply want to relax enjoying the benefits of these waters and use the modern and new wellness center for days of rest and absolute well-being.

Terme Luigiane are easily reachable from the Cormorano Resort


By car, along the SS 18 for about 38 km

We also organize transfers from / to our Resort, for information and reservations please contact the reception

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