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Scilla is located in the heart of the Costa Viola , so called because of the colors of the sea waters at certain times of the day. A fishing village, it is the guardian of breathtaking views of the Aeolian Islands, with its houses all attached built on the sea, the Castle on a promontory, and the story of myths and legends of Ulysses, Scylla and Charybdis and of Homer, but also of history and culture. The beaches are an alternation of sand, gravel and rock, and the blue and crystalline sea, with depths to be discovered, and there are many beaches where you can enjoy all these beauties, and many structures, hotels and restaurants where you can taste traditional dishes. and stay, for an awakening to the scent of the sea.

The flagship is Chianalea , called the Little Venice of the South, the oldest part of the country, with houses built on the rocks and bathed by the sea and small alleys full of art shops, small shops, elite restaurants and hotels. You walk among the moored boats and the traps, and breathe the sea air with all its scents and shades, admiring one of the most beautiful and evocative landscapes, where the sunsets are always different and leave you speechless. Characteristic are the masks on the doors of the houses, today ornamental but once with the role of chasing away the evil ones.

To visit the Ruffo Castle , of Norman origin, which overlooks the city from the fortress on which it was built, the port, the promenade, ancient fountains and the churches of San Giuseppe and Santa Maria di Porto Salvo. The most beautiful way to admire the whole coast is to take a boat excursion , to be able to discover the many caves and coves which can only be accessed from the sea. To complete the view, we recommend tasting the typical products, first of all swordfish , cooked in many ways and tastes, in appetizers, first courses, second courses and even with a sandwich. 

Scilla is easily reachable from the Cormorano Resort


By car, along the SS 18 and E45 for about 213 km

By train from Grisolia station to Scilla station in about 3 hours


We also organize transfers from / to our Resort, for information and reservations please contact the reception

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