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The Sila National Park extends over an area that embraces the provinces of Cosenza Catanzaro and Crotone. Thanks to the rich heritage of flora and fauna, it has become an Italian Biosphere Reserve in the Unesco World Network. Most of the surface is covered with woods, with extensive pine forests of Laricio, which have become the symbol of the park. Depending on the altitude, the landscapes and valleys vary, where pastoralism and the still widespread cultivation of the Silana potato are practiced.  The Sila Grande is characterized by the sources of the main waterways, the Cecita, the Neto and the Lese and by many water basins, among the largest the Lgo Ampollino, the Cecita, the Votturino.

The symbol of the park's fauna is the wolf, a protected species of which there are now few specimens.
It is the greatest predator of these mountains, and slowly it is starting to proliferate thanks to the presence of species that are preferred by it, such as deer.  and roe deer.
The Park is the ideal place to discover how traditions, stories and legends are combined with geography, biology and sciences.  In the center of the Sila, in Cupone, you can admire specimens of larch pine and extensive grazing areas. Right near Lake Cecita, in addition to taking advantage of the picnic area, it is possible to visit the botanical garden, which extends for about 10,000 square meters, where it is also possible to use panels and audio files to discover the secrets of these places

In the heart of the small Sila the attraction of the Adventure Park where you can try your hand at acrobatic routes and test your strength. But also many other activities such as mountain biking or orienteering, designed to acquire orientation skills with the use of compasses. An attraction not to be missed is the tourist trip with a steam train, to live a unique experience. It starts from Moccone to get to San Nicola Silavana Mansio crossing Camigliatello Silano and suggestive landscapes. After sixty years the train has returned to snort among the wonders of these mountains.

Scalea is easily reachable from the Cormorano Resort


By car, along the SS 18 and SS 107 Silana for about 127 km

By train from Grisolia station in 3 hours

We also organize transfers from / to our Resort, for information and reservations please contact the reception

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