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The Pollino National Park, the largest protected area in Italy with its 192 thousand hectares , is a mountain range that extends between Calabria and Basilicata, with very high peaks covered with snow for many months of the year, from where it is It is also possible to admire the Tyrrhenian and Ionian coasts . It is divided into valleys, the Valle del Mercure,  the Frido Valley, the Sarmento Valley, the Sinni Valley, the Raganello Valley and the Coscile Valley, and each offers enchanting landscapes that vary according to the altitude.

For lovers of trekking and excursions, mountaineering and rafting, or simply for those who love being in contact with nature in quiet places this is the right place. Thanks to the vastness of the territory and the different climates, it is rich in plant species diversified according to the area in which they are found. You will be able to admire specimens of loricate pine found only in Calabria and the Balkans, including the oldest tree in Europe. Pollino is also rich in fauna , with many species, wolves, roe deer, otters, golden eagles and rare beetles.

The most important activity to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of the area is to do  walks along the paths that lead to the Piani del Pollino, the Raganello gorges, the peaks of the Docedorme, and the Serra di Crispo. Also to be discovered are the small towns inhabited mostly by shepherds and peasants, artisans and Albanian ethnic minorities who continue to carry on traditions, customs and customs.
To taste the typical products of the place, the Senise pepper, the red aubergine of Rotonda, honey, amermellate, salami and cheeses produced directly from animals raised in the wild

The Pollino National Park is easily accessible from the Cormorano Resort


By car, in an hour along the SP 10 for about 38 km

We also organize transfers from / to our Resort, for information and reservations please contact the reception

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